Our Services

Our Services


Labour for the handling of cargo in Sibu is provided by the Authority and there are thirteen 15-men stevedore gangs available to offer such services. In Tanjung Manis, and Sarikei stevedoring services are contracted out.

Fresh Water is available to vessels berthed along the wharves at Sibu, Tanjung Manis, Sarikei and Sungai Merah centres.

Pilotage is provided by the Marine Department. Though pilotage is not compulsory, it is advisable for larger vessels to have a pilot on board when navigating the port's approaches. Applications for pilotage should be made 24 hours before a ship's arrival. Ships which require a pilot enroute to Sibu should indicate which approach channel they will be using. Ship can contact the pilot via the 'Hague Plan' and communicate with the shore on berthing information via Channel 18, both on VHF radio.

Fire Fighting Services are also taken care of by the Authority. The port's fire service department is well equipped to deal with emergencies and all its security personnel are trained in fire fighting. The Authority also provides 24 hours security surveillance.

Credit Facilities are available to ships agents and cargo owners who are regular port users. A Bank Guarantee is required to obtain such a facility from the Authority.

Also, computerised billings have been provided by the Authority's finance and other related department since 1991.


Other services include transit sheds & open storage space, supply of cargo handling equipment and gears, mooring gang and berthing assistance, stuffing & un-stuffing of containers and fuel supply from bunkering station.

However, there is no dock service at the Authority but ship dockyards are available near the port.